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Blueberry Protein Pancake Recipe

"The strawberry pancakes turned out so well I just had to stick to the instructions on these too. There is no need to mess with...

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Strawberry Protein Pancakes

By Peachy Palate..."I am admittedly wildly obsessed with Stacks of Goodness Protein pancake mixes. I initially thought the chocolate would be my number one but it’s...

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Chocolate Protein Waffle Recipe

Our mixes also make delicious waffles! Just make your mixture a little thicker than for pancakes and enjoy your crispy, delicious waffles. Preparation Time: 5 minutes...

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Easy Chocolate Raspberry Pancake Recipe

This is one for every single day - so quick, easy and delicious. Ingredients: One packet Stacks of Goodness Double Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix One...

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Double Chocolate Pancake Recipe with caramelised bananas

A delicious way to start the weekend. The ultimate combination of chocolate and banana. And it is gluten-free and vegan too! Ingredients: (Serves 3/4) For...

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